I forward my trip report from LinuxWorld here. :)
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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 16:18:59 +0800
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Subject: [gta02] My summary from LinuxWorld

    I will make my summary from LinuxWorld.

    I think this exhibit to openmoko is indeed worthy, many people
    getting impressed we made our device open, that's great both for
    Linux users and developers. Many people attracted to our booth
    and got understanding about what's openmoko, what's our business
    model, where we are based.

    Most of the time of the three days, I was at the Garage booth. We
    showed four different distribution images that are 2007.2, ASU, FSO,
    Qtopia. It's great here, lots of people coming, some are vendors,
    also exhibitors there. Half of the coming people are already heard
    about Openmoko, but not knowing very much or not ever hold the neo
    freerunner, seen the ASU, FSO, etc. Some got interested about
    openmoko project, our device and are gonna buy it.
    Still some people knowing Openmoko but are waiting us to make it

    From my perspective from LinuxWorld, many are looking forward to 3G
    or EDGE, some are waiting us to make it as stable as a daily phone.
    Some people question us when we gonna make it to mass market, also
    want to know what will be our next device.

    It's also great to meet Michael, Steve, Pat and some local
    volunteers from our community, like Jeffrey, Brian,Chris, Ken, Lothar,
    Lohai, etc. I worked well with them and thanks for their great help.

    I got more excited and confident about we can enlarge our community
    more, and Indeed so many people got interested. To me, it's also a
    great opportuniy to meet los of people, getting knowing each other
    from other booths, companies.

Jeremy Chang

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