To prevent opkg from upgrading the kernel try:

opkg flag hold kernel-2.6.24
opkg flag hold kernel-image-2.6.24

Altho i think you only need to block the kernel-image-2.6.24.... After
getting a neo1973 kernel and a bad kernel that wouldnt boot from opkg, i do
all my kernel upgrades with the dfu-util.

Mikael Berthe wrote:
> * Olivier Berger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-08-10 18:16 +0200]:
>> Now I need to test if I can boot it on the SD. If it succeeds, I will
>> then be able to flash OM 2008.8, and have switched between flash and
>> SD.
>> Dual booting is cool ;)
> Yes it is :)
> (Actually I'm running 2007 from flash and 2008.8 from SD, unlike you...)
> Yet I'm wondering if it isn't dangerous to do an opkg upgrade from
> the SD.
> Wouldn't that update the FR's kernel?
> If it does, then it could break booting from flash as the modules won't
> match anymore.
> Or is there a way to prevent opkg from flashing the kernel?  It would be
> nice to upgrade /uImage.bin instead!
> -- 
> MiKael
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