Of course you can add it to the feed (the Greenphone was the original test
environment, after all 8^).
But check it works first....

It is pretty much optimised for the Greenphone ATM, other than I flipped the
flag to use screen touches for navigation so it is usable.

Does the "touch and hold" right mouse button emulation work on the
Freerunner? If not, it'll be painful "swapping mouse actions" to select
navigation links, and then swapping back for page up/down etc.

If it proves popular enough, and I can't get a build environment working,
I'll go back to Qtopia again and sort it out.

2008/8/17 Lorn Potter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Tim Wentford wrote:
> > I've used the Qtopia SDK to build an Opie-Reader package for the Qtopia
> > image since it is the only SDK I can get working ATM.
> >
> > Now that Opie seems fairly irrelevant to the Freerunner I've renamed
> > Opie-Reader to ArriereGo (thanks to Guylhem Aznar for the new name
> > suggestion).
> >
> > I'm persisting with the 2008.08 image ATM since I am using my Greenphone
> > as an actual phone, and I'm hoping to actually be able to build a QT app
> > for 2008.08 one day, so I have no way of testing the current build,
> > though a previous build did work. Could the first person to try it
> > please reply to this thread with a confirmation of success or failure.
> >
> > You can get it at:
> >
> > http://www.timwentford.uklinux.net/ArriereGo_1.0.0-2_arm.qpk
> >
> > It defaults to using screen taps for page up/down/back/home/forward with
> > the screen divided up like:
> >
> > UUU
> > BHF
> > DDD
> >
> > Where U is page-up (i.e. top third of screen, etc), B is back, H is
> > home, F is forward and D is page down.
> >
> > If it doesn't work, and I don't get enough spare time to get a working
> > SDK for QT apps under 2008.08, I'll go back to Qtopia and fix it so let
> > me know.
> Would it be ok for me to add this to the feed at qtopia.net? That way
> people can install it without having to setup a local web server .
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