> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 01:09:15PM +1000, Dale Maggee wrote:
>>> I'm using the scaredycat repo and gpsd doesn't seem to work right. Is
>>> there any way to lock the old version so I can do an 'opkg upgrade'
>>> without upgrading gpsd?
>> I think this might be the same problem I'm having, how would I go about 
>> downgrading to a working version? I'm assuming I'd use "opkg 
>> -force-downgrade", but what version of gpsd is known to be working? link?
> Try using cat to read the /dev/ttySAC* devices and see if you get NMEA
> data from any of them first. I have a suspicion that whatever handles the 
> naming of the
> devices changed after an opkg upgrade to the daily feeds.
> Then change your /etc/default/gpsd file so that it has whatever device
> spits out NMEA data.
> Let me know how this turns out.
Thanks, I sorted it out. it turns out my /etc/defaults/gpsd somehow got 
renamed to /etc/defaults/gpsd.default. I changed it back and I can now 
start gpsd.

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