On Tuesday 26 August 2008 05:48:59 Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes wrote:
> After several weeks of waiting I've finally got my OpenMoko - it came
> with 2007.02 which I've opkg update'd.
> However, now it seems to have some trouble booting :(
> Most times I turn on it will simply freeze on the first flash-screen,
> booting into the nand or nord menus works, but they will both freeze
> after "Starting kernel..."
> removing power-supply+battery to turn off and trying again will usually
> make it boot after about 5 attempts.
> This happens regardless of the battery level.
> I've had a cursory glance over the mailinglist archives and of course
> googled, but not found anything. Is this a known problem? Or do I have
> some weird hardware error?

I second what the others have said but to address your actual problem ... opkg 
updates the userland binaries and kernel modules, I'd say the most likely 
reason you're having problems is due to not updating your kernel.

An updated uboot is still worthwhile however and _may_ also be part of the 


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