On Wednesday 27 August 2008, Marek Lindner wrote:
> On Wednesday, 27. August 2008 17:08:34 Al Johnson wrote:
> > Sounds good so long as the packaging stops people accidentally breaking
> > things just by installing a package. The problem installing 2 diallers is
> > a recent example where it didn't work. Also how will it handle the
> > situation where different frameworks use differently patched versions of
> > the same app? Tangogps springs to mind as an example that seems to be
> > slightly different on GTK, FSO and ASU.
> Obviously, you will be able to install 2 dialers if the dialers support
> that. If not I suggest to add necessary dependencies tp the packages.

I think we see things the same way. I just wanted to be sure, and was 
providing a recent example of problems caused when the dependencies in the 
package don't account for conflicts between frameworks.

> Don't consider this as something we completely designed and intend to push
> over you. Feel free to make suggestions. I see this approach as a chance to
> combine the different efforts on a single platform with the maximal user
> experience. Instead of this feature is working on image X but not on image
> Y which has feature Z running, etc.

Combining effort sounds much better than 'just fork it' ;-) I would hope it 
would lead to a single package for all frameworks, or a main package plus 
framework-specific backend packages.

I would like to see a way to request packages already in OE to be added to the 
repositories, probably starting in unstable as not all of them will work 
without modification. Minimo works, rdesktop partly works, and openvpn 
compliles, though I haven't tested it. linphonec works if you can force opkg 
into installing the older libosip2 it requires - this is probably a badly 
defined dependency, but I haven't yet learnt how to modify them. This has all 
been with mokomakefile and 2007.2

> > Is the mechanism for this in place, or still a work in progress? Are
> > there any details available on how to use it?
> Get in touch with our distro team to include your project. You can
> accelerate the process by providing a working bb file.

I will once I have something worthy of being a project! I was hoping to find 
out in advance so I don't end up having to restructure things to fit later.

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