I suggest these names for GTA05
Neo Unity
Neo Meridian
Neo Elysian
Neo Gladsheim
Neo Ignis
Neo Yggdrasil

3GPP LTE Support ( via bluetooth ?)

Multitouch screen

262k or 16.7M colors for displaying images and especially videos.

Distance sensing touchscreen ( can be operated with gloves )

Video acceleration

Hardware acceleration for video playback and 2D/3D acceleration

Transreflective screen

Input devices
Tablet PC like pen input (Wacom Technology)

Regular phone keypad

No Dependence on Stylus

QWERTY or Dvorák keyboard ( via usb )

D-Pad and Buttons

3 axis Accelerometer

Determine Position
Dynamic Screen Orientation

Side-Mounted Touch Strip

Digital compass

A digital compass is useful for orienting maps to the terrain and other
location/direction/orientation based applications (... is 300 meter that
way) when the user is standing still (regardless of GPS reception) and
for following a bearing when GPS reception is poor or speed is low. Also
could be used to make the accelerometer data more exact.

Auto Align Map

Barometer and Variometer (Altimeter) ( bluetooth or usb ? )

A Barometer measures air pressure. This can be used to give weather
information, and also as a variometer, to sense relative altitude.
Variometers are commonly used in flying microlight and ultralight
aircraft, to get accurate relative altitude.

These are also common on high end GPS units. This is a great feature for
walkers as you can tell how far you have got on any ascent/decent.

Light Sensor

Ability to sense ambient light, and act accordingly. i.e if it's 3am and
LightValue<.1 then Ring Quietly.

Make all unlocking of phone, password protected

MMC/SD/SDIO slot (rather than?) miniSD or microSD
SDHC compatible.

Micro SDHC for /home partition. Keep like current design underneath SIM

Local Communication

NFC ( Near Field Communication ) chip
5V Powered, to avoid having to carry around a hub for when you want to
occasionally plug in a memory stick.
USB 2.0
Protection against incorrectly wired USB ports: some USB ports are wired
incorrectly; if the +5V and GND are swapped, the device would get -5V
when it's expecting +5V, which could burn some chips. A reverse-biased
diode between +5V and GND, D+ and GND, D- and GND, and (if used) ID and
GND, with a low enough forward voltage drop (to limit the negative
voltages to what the chips can withstand), would protect the device by
tripping the port's short circuit protection.
SIR/FIR transceiver (Serial Infrared) / IR remote control

Output devices
The Neo1973 GTA02 will have LEDs of some sort behind at least one
button. [1]
For example a multicolor LED which pulses yellow for GSM/GPRS transmit,
blue for Bluetooth/Wifi, green to indicate non-urgent information -
missed call etc, red to indicate battery low or other urgent notices.
The LED and button ideas could be combined: illuminated buttons.
It must be possible to completely disable the LED to save power or other
personal preferences.

Flashlight ( high output LED )
For finding keys, or any other application. May also optionally pulse in
time with ring, to make phone more visible. This is really well done in
Nokia 5500.

HAC Compliance ( telecoil )

Mobile Communication options

Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)
quad-band EDGE
UMTS -  HSDPA (asia)

Dedicated Power / Charger Pinout

GLONASS/GPS receiver
A multi-standard satellite positioning module would be nice.

X10 RF Remote

RFID tag/RFID Reader

Standard 3.5mm headphone jack

Software should know of the jack status

faster boot time
A boot time of a minute is WAY to long!


Instead of using a counter-weighted motor to provide a vibrate function,
a small solenoid could be used.It would provide more of a tap or click
feel. It could be used to provide feedback when a on screen button is
pressed. Different patterns of taps is a lot easier to recognize
compared to different vibration frequencies. For those who know morse
code they could have the phone tap out the phone number/name of the
person calling/messaging or other alerts.

Running without battery

Please make it possible to run the device without a battery inserted
(with the charger attached).

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