Marcus has released TangoGPS 0.9.3:

Digest of the changes:

    * keyboard shortcuts for convenient use on a laptop or eeePC:

          space: toggle fullscreen
          a: autocenter on
          1,2,3,4: switch maps
          Page Up/Page down: zoom

    * POIs can be deleted now
    * POI entry can be in decimal, minutes and miutes/seconds, i.e.


    * three repositories by default
    * default map directory no longer /tmp but in home directory
    * a marker get set when setting your position manually
    * a line gets painted from a manual position to 'this point' for
easy distance measuring
    * missing tiles get now correctly handled, no more garbled screen
    * translations: Russian, Finnish, Czech
    * and many more code improvements...

Thanks, way to go Marcus!

Would there now be some time to start a mailing list for interested
users & developers and also a SVN or BZR or.. repository..


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
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