On Sunday 31 August 2008 14:46:05 Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> Hello,
> I just flashed my FreeRunner with the latest kernel and rootfs from
> Om2008.8 update[1]. Images dated August 31st, to be precise.
> After booting, I discovered that the FR suspends after 30 secs. No
> problem, I'll just go into settings and turn off suspend.
> But it doesn't work. No matter what I set suspend to, it always
> suspends after 30 secs (unless I continually tap the screen).

Confirmed. I'm trying to fight the same issue right now. Unfortunately I have 
no solution so far.

> I guess everybody understands how frustrating it is trying to work
> with a device that suspends every 30 secs. Since I don't have three
> hands, it is very difficult to to try to fix things via usb.
> I see from the support list that a couple of other people also have
> disovered this issue, but no solution. I tried looking at trac, but
> couldn't find anything.
> Please, any hints on how to fix this?

If you are just working over ssh I have a small workaround for you. Most of 
the time, before the Neo suspends, the X-Screensaver comes up. If you wake the 
Neo up without touching the screen (screen should be left blank with backlight 
slightly on) it doesn't suspend any more until you touch the screen (stop the 
screensaver). As it happens quite often that you need to touch the screen 
while testing, this is not a real workaround. But it can help just doing some 
installs, configs or something else on the terminal without having to touch 
your screen every 20 seconds to prevent suspending.

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