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> 2008/9/6 Joachim Breitner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>         Ok, I got your program working (a bit, Debian users see [1]),
>         and now I
>         understand what you need the remoko-server for: It's not
>         something that
>         runs permanently, or as a system daemon, but it's a helper
>         that you run
>         to do stuff you can't do in python, right?
>  It runs permanently, the server is responsible for send all the keys
> to the remote device, in the future it will be like a daemon (I hope
> in BlueZ) .

But at the moment, you start it from remoko, and you kill it in remoko.
What would the advantage be if remoko-server runs permanently?

If you really need a server, then please make it listen on a unix socket
(e.g. in /var/run) so that unix file permissions can control access
(plus it’s slightly faster).

>         Is this code in the subversion? If not, you run the risk that
>         other
>         people will start to hack on the older, published code which
>         will cause
>         troubles when merging.
> All the code is in the SVN, but was I said, I have a incomplete
> setup.py and two static path in remoko_conf and remoko_server :) 

Ok, I worked around these in
http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-fso/remoko.git;a=summary (it’s svn-git
based, my changes are in the debian branch). 

> About the error that you say that make the application crash, can you
> give me details on it ?

I didn’t check really yet, but if it’s something that’s not caused by
me, I’ll let you know :-)

> The enlightment errors in the keyboard are probably because you don't
> have the last E packages, raster developed the keyboard pop up method
> (that I'm using) in middle of august.

Hmm, it would be good if remoko works with other window managers as
well, so it should handle it gracefully if this extension is not
present. Maybe I’ll have a patch for that too, later.


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