im trying to set up an Ad-Hoc wifi (with my Zaurus SL-C3200).  Commands im
using are:

iwconfig $IFACE mode ad-hoc
iwconfig $IFACE essid zaurus.net
iwconfig $IFACE channel 10
iwconfig $IFACE key off

where $IFACE is eth0 for fr and wlan0 for Zaurus.  My distribution
currently in use is Qtopia 4.3.3-snapshot (the echo patch seems to be
ineffective by the way :) and Angstrom for Zaurus.

For Ad-Hoc wifi i need the same essid, channel and cell.

The problems im facing are:

1. Very often the fr does not set up the essid -- i have to run another
'iwconfig $IFACE essid zaurus.net' after the above commands are executed --
that is very strange.

2. The cell ID's are different for 99% of the time.  Is there any
explanation -- interference or something?

3. Setting the cell id manually (iwconfig $IFACE ap <cell_id>) works only
for zaurus (and my thinkpad t60), though i don't belive this should be done

Thanks for any help.

Regards, martin.

P.S. I have WLAN at home with one AP that was active during my attempts.  I
was able to set up Ad-Hoc mode between fr and my thinkpad T60 just _once_
after i tried to set it up for more than 2 hours -- because only once of
those many attempts the fr (1) set the essid right away and (2) the cell
id's were the same.

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