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> > for example. lets say i spend 1 second to write data to video ram - that is
> > 1 second i CANNOT spend on anything else. the glamo limits write rates to
> > about
> so why then during boot of X in ASU (2008.8) those precious cycles are
> spent on a 'box animation'? uff

because 1. users need to know the device is alive at all and not just hung - so
something needs to change on the screen. otherwise for a long time the screen
is "hung". and 2. that is just following in design from the existing design for
the booting screen. as e has no idea how far along it is in init until it is
told "i'm done" - it can just display some form of status. a bouncing box
follows an existing notion of "that means its busy but doesnt know how long to
go" from the windows boot as well as splash from psplash/ubuntu, and gtk and
other widget sets uses this as an indicator of just that.

you are free to modify the theme though. i personally would have gone for
something different - but that's a question of taste and preferences. it also
wont help the boot THAT much. you want to find the BIG gains - not the small
ones. it consumes maybe about 20-25% (combine enlightenment_init and xglamo)
for the animation. so yes - u'd speed it up by a bit - but not immensely (not
double or triple which is what u really want).

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