I've been using my uSDcard as /home.

So far, no problem, I reflash the device and mount it as /home and there 
it goes. I've done this with "testing" and "update" images without much 
problems. But today I was surprised to see that after reflashing I had 
normal GSM network, and after mounting my card's old /home/root and 
rebooting it became impossible to get the phone working.

I reverted back to the original /home, and it worked again.

In the "logread" I found a few Qtopia messages complaining about wrong 
plugin versions.
I ended up doing "cp /home/root/.config/Trolltech.conf 
/media/card/root/.config/" and it solved it (qtopia keeps the lib 
versions inside this file). After restoring the card as /home in 
/etc/fstab and rebooting, the phone worked again.

Hope this helps someone.


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