I'd like to add that I've also confirmed that suspend bug where 
sometimes the FR just does not want to wake up and I have to pop out the 
battery.  Also, sometimes my FR does not wake up on SMS (it USUALLY 
does) and I have to wake the FR up myself, and then it receives my SMS 

Also, the FR seems to have problems when calling out and receiving an 
incoming call at the same time.  It creates multiple instances of a 
phone call (which I'm assuming it's wanting to do), but answering or 
talking on either one is impossible.  End call doesn't really work as 
once you've closed the dialer you're sometimes still connected.

Also, my alarm feature has stopped working.  The alarm simply won't go 
off at the designated time.  For example, I set my alarm for 9:30am, and 
the alarm goes off at 9:45pm.  Setting the alarm for 9:15pm 
unfortunately does not make the alarm go off at 9:30am (missed a class :( ).

As for time, when I set the Time & Date to "Automatic," the time and 
date is an hour off.

Also, my uSD card still isn't recognizable on qtopia (it is under 
2007.2), but other than that this distro is amazing because the phone is 
actually usable as an every-day phone.  I love the battery life 
(actually 1 full day) and usability.  Thanks for hard work!

Matthew Lane

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