Maciej Delmanowski wrote:
> On Aug 25, Joel Newkirk wrote:
>> probably still useful - the question is really whether the Freerunner can
>> power a hub and two adapters)
> I've thought about different idea - can FreeRunner be powered from USB power
> adaper connected to the USB hub? Like this:
>       Power plug
>           |
>           |
>        USB Hub---Ethernet, thumb drive, other devices
>           |
>           |
>      FreeRunner

You are talking about a powered USB hub. Yes, they exist, but generally 
they only power the _device_ USB ports, i.e. only downstream devices. A 
hub like this must not pump power into the upstream host, because the 
host is normally providing power itself.

The fact that the Neo can be powered by USB when in host mode is 
non-standard, and thus it's unlikely that you'll find an off-the-shelf 
cable or hub that will do this. You will most likely have to wire 
something up yourself.

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