tonight we have packaged the new versions of zhone and frameworkd and
adjusted the (slightly improved) installer script to install the FSO
milestone3 kernel.

So if you are running Debian already, you get the new stuff by running
apt-get update; apt-get -u upgrade

If you are not yet running Debian, you can follow the instructions on

That said, I didn’t very thoroughly test the new versions, so it might
be that you stumble upon stupid mistakes from me. Please let us know (at
the smartphone-userland[1] mailing list, where most Debian related
discussion take place) if you find any.

Besides these new versions you might be interested to hear that remoko
and pypennotes have been packaged for Debian, and fso-gpsd makes sure
all gpsd-using applications (such as tangogps) work also. We still don’t
have Illume, as we are still waiting for new Enlightenment libs being
released and packaged for Debian.

for the pkg-fso team.

[1] http://lists.linuxtogo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/smartphones-userland

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