El jue, 11-09-2008 a las 20:49 -0700, SCarlson escribió:
>  Hello All --
>  I'd like to pipe in with my New Freerunner experiences thus far.
>  I have had my phone for 2 weeks. I loaded up OM2008.8-update.
> Here is the list :
>  Solid GSM (Sending and Receiving). No Echo, clear calls, full bars.
>  My SIM Card contact list imported automatically.
>  SMS, Solid.
>  Wifi, also works great.
>  GPS works. 60 second TTFF and 40 second TTFF w/ external antenna (This is
> without the capacitor fix)
>  microSd works.
>  Suspend/Resume .. solid (minus the GUI setting having no effect. but I
> don't care, I just suspend manually with the power button when I'm not using
> it).
>  I made a usb cable, so now my phone can receive standard USB devices.. this
> opens many doors.
> When I was shopping for a mobile computer/phone, I scraped the planet for
> something open and hackable. What I found was nice machines with propriety
> software that goes through a Telecom company, which is then purposely
> crippled and released for public consumption. Most of the crippling process
> is based on a Business model that "nickels and dimes" us to death for
> services and features that (I believe) we should already have. In the end,
> the only answer for me was to by the GTA02. 
> I'd like to say, that I'm here to stay, "on the band wagon", lets kick some
> ass...
> Completely Satisfied,
> Scott R Carlson

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the nice comments which make me even more suffer because I
have to wait one or two weeks more until my gadget is supposed to arrive

one question to the community: normally you can't switch easy between
normal USB mode, i.e. a host is talking to a USB device, and
host-to-host mode where two computers are talking to each other; the USB
FAQ even warns not to connecting two computers without any kind of USB
bridge, because this could damage the computers; see here:

how is this electrically organised in the GTA02 that I could just use a gender
changer to switch between host-to-host mode or host-to-device mode?


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