Sorry this may be a dumb question. I'm trying to build an ASU image for 
x86 with the MokoMakefile for several days without success.

I carefully followed the explanations of Wiki, searched the 
mailling-lists and the Web for a tip, but I always get the same error 

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ make image
( cd build && . ../setup-env && \
          ( bitbake openmoko-asu-image u-boot-openmoko ) )
ERROR: Unable to open conf/bitbake.conf

I checked my setup-env file. All this seems correct. I also echoed 
BBPATH from it and it seems correct too.

I added -DDD to the bitbake command in the Makefile and it looks like it 
opens the conf file and process it but then it stops with the same 

I can't understand why!

Thanks for your help. Didier.

Output with -DDD :

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ make image
( cd build && . ../setup-env && \
          ( bitbake -DDD openmoko-asu-image u-boot-openmoko ) )
DEBUG: CONF reading /home/moko/openembedded/conf/bitbake.conf
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:539: including conf/site.conf
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/build/conf/site.conf
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:540: including conf/auto.conf
DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/auto.conf' not found
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:541: including conf/local.conf
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/build/conf/local.conf
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:546: including conf/build/i686-linux.conf
DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/build/i686-linux.conf' not found
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:547: including 
DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/target/INVALID-INVALID.conf' not found
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:548: including conf/machine/x86.conf
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/machine/x86.conf
DEBUG: BB conf/machine/include/tune-x86.inc: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:549: including conf/distro/openmoko.conf
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/distro/openmoko.conf
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-om-2008-versions.inc: 
handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-2007-for-openmoko.inc: 
handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/sane-srcdates.inc: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/sane-srcrevs.inc: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-xorg-versions.inc: handle(data, 
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-gpe-versions-2.8.inc: 
handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-e-versions.inc: handle(data, 
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom.inc: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-glibc.inc: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-package-opk.inc: handle(data, 
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:550: including conf/documentation.conf
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/documentation.conf
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PREFERRED_VERSION, doc, Normally use it as 
PREFERRED_VERSION_package-name = "" to set the preferred version of more 
than one version for the package-name is available., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_ARCH, doc, The name of the building 
architecture. E.g. i686., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_OS, doc, The operating system (in lower case) of 
the building architecture. E.g linux., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_VENDOR, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_SYS, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_PREFIX, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_CC_ARCH, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_ARCH, doc, The name of the target architecture. 
Normally same as the TARGET_ARCH. @see TARGET_ARCH @group base, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_OS, doc, The name of the target operating system. 
Normally the same as the TARGET_OS. @see TARGET_OS @group base, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_VENDOR, doc, The name of the vendor. Normally 
same as the TARGET_VENDOR. @see TARGET_VENDOR, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_SYS, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_PREFIX, doc, Normally same as the TARGET_PREFIX. 
@see TARGET_PREFIX @group base, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_CC_ARCH, doc, Normally same as the 
TARGET_CC_ARCH. @see TARGET_CC_ARCH @group base, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_NONSYSV, doc, This flag can be set to "1" if the 
host system is not SysV compatible. E.g.fakeroot-native will be build 
with tcp as IPC implementation., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_ARCH, doc, Build for which architecture. 
Examples are arm, i686, sh3, mips, powerpc., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_OS, doc, Build for which Operating System. 
Currently possible values are linux and linux-uclibc. When using 
linux-uclibc you might want to set USE_NLS_gcc-cross to "no"., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_VENDOR, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_SYS, doc, The target system is composed out of 
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_PREFIX, doc, The prefix for the cross compile 
toolchain. E.g arm-linux- ., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_CC_ARCH, doc, FIXME, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_FPU, doc, Floating point option (mostly for 
FPU-less systems), can be 'soft' or empty for hardware floating point 
instructions., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(ASSUME_PROVIDED, doc, List of packages (recipes 
actually) which are assumed to be implicitly available.These packages 
won't be built by bitbake., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(ASSUME_SHLIBS, doc, List of shlib:package[_version] 
mappings. Useful for lib packages in ASSUME_PROVIDED,for which automatic 
shlib dependency tracking doesn't work., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_ARCH, doc, The architecture needed for using a 
resulting package. If you have machine dependant configuration options 
in your bitbake file add a PACKAGE_ARCH  = "${MACHINE_ARCH}" to the 
file., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_ARCHS, doc, A list of architectures compatible 
with the given target in order of priority, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS, doc, Set this variable to add 
extra architectures to the list of supported architectures, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DATE, doc, The date the build was started Ymd, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TIME, doc, The time the build was started HMS, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DATETIME, doc, The date and time the build was started 
at, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PN, doc, PN holds the name of the package (Package 
Name). It is gathered from the bitbake-file filename, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PV, doc, PV holds the version of the package (Package 
Version). The default value is 1.0, it is retrieved from the 
bitbake-file filename but can be changed., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PR, doc, PR is the revision of the package (Package 
Revision). By default it is set to r0., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PF, doc, Package name - Package version - Package 
revision (PN-PV-PR), data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(P, doc, Package name - Package version (PN-PF), data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(S, doc, Directory that holds the sources to build, 
WORKDIR/PN-PV by default. The 'make' or equivalent command is run from 
this directory., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SECTION, doc, Section of the packages e.g. 
console/networking, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PRIORITY, doc, Importance of package, default values 
are 'optional' or 'needed'., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DESCRIPTION, doc, A small description of the package., 
DEBUG: setVarFlag(LICENSE, doc, The license of the resulting package 
e.g. GPL, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(AUTHOR, doc, The author of the files installed., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(MAINTAINER, doc, Distributions can put this in their 
.conf file to add their contact information into packages, this is not 
valid inside recipes, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOMEPAGE, doc, Homepage of the package e.g. 
http://www.project.net., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_dependencies, doc, The keys in this group 
influence the dependency handling of BitBake and the resulting 
packages., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DEPENDS, doc, Build time dependencies, things needed 
to build the package. @group dependencies, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(RDEPENDS, doc, Run time dependencies, things needed 
for a given package to run.  This is used to populate the ipkg:Depends 
field. @group dependencies, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PROVIDES, doc, Names for additional build time 
dependencies that this package will provide. @group dependencies, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(RPROVIDES, doc, Names for additional run time 
dependencies that this package will provide.  This is used to populate 
the ipkg:Provides field. @group dependencies, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_packaging, doc, The keys in this group influence 
the package building process. They influence which packages will be 
generated and which files will be present in the generated packages., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGES, doc, Names of packages to be generated. 
@group packaging, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(FILES, doc, Files/Directories belonging to the 
package. @group packaging, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TMPDIR, doc, The temporary directory of openembedded 
holding work-, deploy, staging- and other directories., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(CACHE, doc, The directory holding the cache of the 
metadata., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_fetcher, doc, The key highly influence the 
fetcher implementations., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DL_DIR, doc, The directory where tarballs will be 
stored. @group fetcher, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(CVSDIR, doc, The directory where cvs checkouts will be 
stored in. @group fetcher, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(GITDIR, doc, The directory where git clones will be 
stored. @group fetcher, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SVNDIR, doc, The directory where subversion checkouts 
will be stored. @group fetcher, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(STAMP, doc, The directory that holds files to keep 
track of what was built., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(WORKDIR, doc, The directory where a concrete package 
will be unpacked and built., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(T, doc, Temporary directory within the WORKDIR., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_locale, doc, Locale generation of the GNU libc 
implementation, data)
of qemu to generate locale information during build time on the host 
instead of runtime on the target. If you have trouble with qemu-native 
you should make this an empty var. @group locale, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PCMCIA_MANAGER, doc, Specify which package(s) to 
install to handle PCMCIA slots (usually pcmcia-cs or pcmciautils)., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS, doc, Specify which VTs should 
be running a getty, the default is 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(FEED_URIS, doc, List of ipkg feed records to put into 
generated image., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI, doc, Allow to serve ipk 
deploy dir as an adhoc feed (bogofeed). Set to base URL of the dir as 
exported by HTTP. Set of adhoc feed configs will be generated in image., 
DEBUG: setVarFlag(QA_LOG, doc, Enable logging of QA errors to 
log.qa_package. Default is not to log., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT, doc, Set to yes, if you 
want to build qt apps with CONFIG+=thread, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(COMPATIBLE_HOST, doc, A regular expression which 
matches the HOST_SYS names supported by the package/file. Failure to 
match will cause the file to be skipped by the parser., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(COMPATIBLE_MACHINE, doc, A regular expression which 
matches the MACHINES support by the package/file. Failure to match will 
cause the file to be skipped by the parser., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SOURCE_MIRROR_FETCH, doc, Switch marking build as 
source fetcher. Used to skip COMPATIBLE_* checking., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SOURCE_MIRROR_URL, doc, URL to source mirror which 
will be used before fetching from original SRC_URI., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BBINCLUDELOGS, doc, Boolean switch to get log printed 
on failure., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(BBINCLUDELOGS_LINES, doc, Amount of log lines printed 
on failure., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_AUTOBUILD, doc, This is an autobuild, broken 
packages are cleaned automatically. Don't define this at all if this is 
not an autobuild, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_USER, doc, The login-name for the bugzilla 
account, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_PASS, doc, The password for this account, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_LOGIN, doc, path to the login script of the 
bugzilla, note the ? at the end, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_QUERY, doc, The query script of the bugzilla, 
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_NEWREPORT, doc, This is the url used to create 
a new bug report, note the defaults for version and priority and more, 
and the trailing &, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_ADDCOMMENT, doc, The url used to reopen bug 
reports and to add another new comment, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_ATTACHMENT, doc, The url used to create 
attachments., data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_PRODUCT, doc, The product inside the 
bugtracker, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_COMPONENT, doc, The component inside the 
bugtracker, data)
DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/sanity.conf
DEBUG: update_data()
DEBUG: BB classes/base.bbclass: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_show_versions, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_lockdown, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_lockdown, recrdeptask, do_show_versions, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_listtasks, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_clean, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_clean, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_rebuild, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_rebuild, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_mrproper, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_mrproper, nostamp, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetch, dirs, ${DL_DIR}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetch, depends, shasum-native:do_populate_staging, 
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetchall, recrdeptask, do_fetch, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_buildall, recrdeptask, do_build, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_unpack, dirs, ${WORKDIR}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_configure, dirs, ${S} ${B}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_configure, deptask, do_populate_staging, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_compile, dirs, ${S} ${B}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_populate_staging, dirs, 
${STAGING_INCDIR_NATIVE}                             ${STAGING_DATADIR}         
                     ${S} ${B}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_install, dirs, ${D} ${S} ${B}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_install, cleandirs, ${D}, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_build, func, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(MACHINE, unexport, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_ARCH, unexport, 1, data)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(DISTRO, unexport, 1, data)
DEBUG: BB :0: inheriting classes/patch.bbclass
DEBUG: BB classes/patch.bbclass: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_patch, dirs, ${WORKDIR}, data)
DEBUG: BB :0: inheriting classes/siteinfo.bbclass
DEBUG: BB classes/siteinfo.bbclass: handle(data, include)
DEBUG: setVarFlag(MIRRORS, func, 0, data)
DEBUG: BB classes/dev_shell.bbclass: handle(data, include)
ERROR: Unable to open conf/bitbake.conf
make: *** [openmoko-asu-image] Erreur 1

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