Joachim Breitner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Besides these new versions you might be interested to hear that remoko
> and pypennotes have been packaged for Debian, and fso-gpsd makes sure
> all gpsd-using applications (such as tangogps) work also. We still don’t
> have Illume, as we are still waiting for new Enlightenment libs being
> released and packaged for Debian.

I have updated this morning, and I have some problems:
 - SMS do not work (the icon is grey), zhone says 
    2008-09-12 15:43:44,943 INFO checking for unsent messages
    2008-09-12 15:43:45,404 INFO did not receive any unsent messages: 
   It worked OK on fso-m2 (sometimes, I received a number instead of
   the text of the SMS).
 - Sometimes, zhone do not want to suspend after 2 sec power buttun
   because it do not received the event.  On fso-m2, I restart
   frameworkd and zhone, and It works after.  Now, when I do that, I
   lost the contact list.
 - I cannot downgrade to fso-m2 because it is not in the archive
   now.  I need SMS to use the FR as a phone.

else, it works well, and fso-gpsd work fine.

Guillaume Pinot        

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