It seems that the Wiki is outdated. For example, the Wiki says you have 
to make openmoko-devel-image or openmoko-qtopia-x11-image. But the 
MokoMakefile version I downloaded has no such target but you have to set

        OM_IMAGE_NAME := openmoko-asu-image

in the Makefile and make image.

I'm wondering if anyone has done a fresh build restarting from scratch 
with the MokoMakefile as I can't explain my problems.

This is really annoying. I'm blocked before anything may even be compiled!!

Please help. Didier.

Didier "Ptitjes" wrote:
> But if you look at the log it can read the conf files!
> Anyway, I've got rw on all my files...
> Didier.
> Davide Scaini wrote:
>> permissions??? maybe it's really silly...
>> d
>> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 1:44 PM, Didier Ptitjes <[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
>> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:
>>     Hello,
>>     Sorry this may be a dumb question. I'm trying to build an ASU image for
>>     x86 with the MokoMakefile for several days without success.
>>     I carefully followed the explanations of Wiki, searched the
>>     mailling-lists and the Web for a tip, but I always get the same error
>>     message.
>>     [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ make image
>>     ( cd build && . ../setup-env && \
>>              ( bitbake openmoko-asu-image u-boot-openmoko ) )
>>     ERROR: Unable to open conf/bitbake.conf
>>     I checked my setup-env file. All this seems correct. I also echoed
>>     BBPATH from it and it seems correct too.
>>     I added -DDD to the bitbake command in the Makefile and it looks like it
>>     opens the conf file and process it but then it stops with the same
>>     message...
>>     I can't understand why!
>>     Thanks for your help. Didier.
>>     Output with -DDD :
>>     [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ make image
>>     ( cd build && . ../setup-env && \
>>              ( bitbake -DDD openmoko-asu-image u-boot-openmoko ) )
>>     DEBUG: CONF reading /home/moko/openembedded/conf/bitbake.conf
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:539: including conf/site.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/build/conf/site.conf
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:540: including conf/auto.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/auto.conf' not found
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:541: including conf/local.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/build/conf/local.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:546: including conf/build/i686-linux.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/build/i686-linux.conf' not found
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:547: including
>>     conf/target/INVALID-INVALID.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF file 'conf/target/INVALID-INVALID.conf' not found
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:548: including conf/machine/x86.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/machine/x86.conf
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/machine/include/tune-x86.inc: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:549: including conf/distro/openmoko.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/distro/openmoko.conf
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-om-2008-versions.inc:
>>     handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-2007-for-openmoko.inc:
>>     handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/sane-srcdates.inc: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/sane-srcrevs.inc: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-xorg-versions.inc: handle(data,
>>     include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-gpe-versions-2.8.inc:
>>     handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/preferred-e-versions.inc: handle(data,
>>     include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom.inc: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-glibc.inc: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: BB conf/distro/include/angstrom-package-opk.inc: handle(data,
>>     include)
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: CONF conf/bitbake.conf:550: including conf/documentation.conf
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/documentation.conf
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PREFERRED_VERSION, doc, Normally use it as
>>     PREFERRED_VERSION_package-name = "" to set the preferred version of more
>>     than one version for the package-name is available., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_ARCH, doc, The name of the building
>>     architecture. E.g. i686., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_OS, doc, The operating system (in lower case) of
>>     the building architecture. E.g linux., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_VENDOR, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_SYS, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_PREFIX, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BUILD_CC_ARCH, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_ARCH, doc, The name of the target architecture.
>>     Normally same as the TARGET_ARCH. @see TARGET_ARCH @group base, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_OS, doc, The name of the target operating system.
>>     Normally the same as the TARGET_OS. @see TARGET_OS @group base, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_VENDOR, doc, The name of the vendor. Normally
>>     same as the TARGET_VENDOR. @see TARGET_VENDOR, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_SYS, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_PREFIX, doc, Normally same as the TARGET_PREFIX.
>>     @see TARGET_PREFIX @group base, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_CC_ARCH, doc, Normally same as the
>>     TARGET_CC_ARCH. @see TARGET_CC_ARCH @group base, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOST_NONSYSV, doc, This flag can be set to "1" if the
>>     host system is not SysV compatible. E.g.fakeroot-native will be build
>>     with tcp as IPC implementation., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_ARCH, doc, Build for which architecture.
>>     Examples are arm, i686, sh3, mips, powerpc., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_OS, doc, Build for which Operating System.
>>     Currently possible values are linux and linux-uclibc. When using
>>     linux-uclibc you might want to set USE_NLS_gcc-cross to "no"., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_VENDOR, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_SYS, doc, The target system is composed out of
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_PREFIX, doc, The prefix for the cross compile
>>     toolchain. E.g arm-linux- ., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_CC_ARCH, doc, FIXME, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_FPU, doc, Floating point option (mostly for
>>     FPU-less systems), can be 'soft' or empty for hardware floating point
>>     instructions., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(ASSUME_PROVIDED, doc, List of packages (recipes
>>     actually) which are assumed to be implicitly available.These packages
>>     won't be built by bitbake., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(ASSUME_SHLIBS, doc, List of shlib:package[_version]
>>     mappings. Useful for lib packages in ASSUME_PROVIDED,for which automatic
>>     shlib dependency tracking doesn't work., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_ARCH, doc, The architecture needed for using a
>>     resulting package. If you have machine dependant configuration options
>>     in your bitbake file add a PACKAGE_ARCH  = "${MACHINE_ARCH}" to the
>>     file., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_ARCHS, doc, A list of architectures compatible
>>     with the given target in order of priority, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS, doc, Set this variable to add
>>     extra architectures to the list of supported architectures, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DATE, doc, The date the build was started Ymd, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TIME, doc, The time the build was started HMS, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DATETIME, doc, The date and time the build was started
>>     at, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PN, doc, PN holds the name of the package (Package
>>     Name). It is gathered from the bitbake-file filename, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PV, doc, PV holds the version of the package (Package
>>     Version). The default value is 1.0, it is retrieved from the
>>     bitbake-file filename but can be changed., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PR, doc, PR is the revision of the package (Package
>>     Revision). By default it is set to r0., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PF, doc, Package name - Package version - Package
>>     revision (PN-PV-PR), data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(P, doc, Package name - Package version (PN-PF), data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(S, doc, Directory that holds the sources to build,
>>     WORKDIR/PN-PV by default. The 'make' or equivalent command is run from
>>     this directory., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SECTION, doc, Section of the packages e.g.
>>     console/networking, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PRIORITY, doc, Importance of package, default values
>>     are 'optional' or 'needed'., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DESCRIPTION, doc, A small description of the package.,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(LICENSE, doc, The license of the resulting package
>>     e.g. GPL, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(AUTHOR, doc, The author of the files installed., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(MAINTAINER, doc, Distributions can put this in their
>>     .conf file to add their contact information into packages, this is not
>>     valid inside recipes, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(HOMEPAGE, doc, Homepage of the package e.g.
>>     http://www.project.net., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_dependencies, doc, The keys in this group
>>     influence the dependency handling of BitBake and the resulting
>>     packages., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DEPENDS, doc, Build time dependencies, things needed
>>     to build the package. @group dependencies, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(RDEPENDS, doc, Run time dependencies, things needed
>>     for a given package to run.  This is used to populate the ipkg:Depends
>>     field. @group dependencies, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PROVIDES, doc, Names for additional build time
>>     dependencies that this package will provide. @group dependencies, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(RPROVIDES, doc, Names for additional run time
>>     dependencies that this package will provide.  This is used to populate
>>     the ipkg:Provides field. @group dependencies, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_packaging, doc, The keys in this group influence
>>     the package building process. They influence which packages will be
>>     generated and which files will be present in the generated
>>     packages., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PACKAGES, doc, Names of packages to be generated.
>>     @group packaging, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(FILES, doc, Files/Directories belonging to the
>>     package. @group packaging, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TMPDIR, doc, The temporary directory of openembedded
>>     holding work-, deploy, staging- and other directories., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(CACHE, doc, The directory holding the cache of the
>>     metadata., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_fetcher, doc, The key highly influence the
>>     fetcher implementations., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DL_DIR, doc, The directory where tarballs will be
>>     stored. @group fetcher, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(CVSDIR, doc, The directory where cvs checkouts will be
>>     stored in. @group fetcher, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(GITDIR, doc, The directory where git clones will be
>>     stored. @group fetcher, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SVNDIR, doc, The directory where subversion checkouts
>>     will be stored. @group fetcher, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(STAMP, doc, The directory that holds files to keep
>>     track of what was built., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(WORKDIR, doc, The directory where a concrete package
>>     will be unpacked and built., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(T, doc, Temporary directory within the WORKDIR., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(GROUP_locale, doc, Locale generation of the GNU libc
>>     implementation, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(ENABLE_BINARY_LOCALE_GENERATION, doc, Enable the use
>>     of qemu to generate locale information during build time on the host
>>     instead of runtime on the target. If you have trouble with qemu-native
>>     you should make this an empty var. @group locale, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PCMCIA_MANAGER, doc, Specify which package(s) to
>>     install to handle PCMCIA slots (usually pcmcia-cs or pcmciautils).,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS, doc, Specify which VTs should
>>     be running a getty, the default is 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(FEED_URIS, doc, List of ipkg feed records to put into
>>     generated image., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI, doc, Allow to serve ipk
>>     deploy dir as an adhoc feed (bogofeed). Set to base URL of the dir as
>>     exported by HTTP. Set of adhoc feed configs will be generated in image.,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(QA_LOG, doc, Enable logging of QA errors to
>>     log.qa_package. Default is not to log., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT, doc, Set to yes, if you
>>     want to build qt apps with CONFIG+=thread, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(COMPATIBLE_HOST, doc, A regular expression which
>>     matches the HOST_SYS names supported by the package/file. Failure to
>>     match will cause the file to be skipped by the parser., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(COMPATIBLE_MACHINE, doc, A regular expression which
>>     matches the MACHINES support by the package/file. Failure to match will
>>     cause the file to be skipped by the parser., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SOURCE_MIRROR_FETCH, doc, Switch marking build as
>>     source fetcher. Used to skip COMPATIBLE_* checking., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SOURCE_MIRROR_URL, doc, URL to source mirror which
>>     will be used before fetching from original SRC_URI., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BBINCLUDELOGS, doc, Boolean switch to get log printed
>>     on failure., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(BBINCLUDELOGS_LINES, doc, Amount of log lines printed
>>     on failure., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_AUTOBUILD, doc, This is an autobuild, broken
>>     packages are cleaned automatically. Don't define this at all if this is
>>     not an autobuild, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_USER, doc, The login-name for the bugzilla
>>     account, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_PASS, doc, The password for this account,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_LOGIN, doc, path to the login script of the
>>     bugzilla, note the ? at the end, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_QUERY, doc, The query script of the bugzilla,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_NEWREPORT, doc, This is the url used to create
>>     a new bug report, note the defaults for version and priority and more,
>>     and the trailing &, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_ADDCOMMENT, doc, The url used to reopen bug
>>     reports and to add another new comment, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_ATTACHMENT, doc, The url used to create
>>     attachments., data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_PRODUCT, doc, The product inside the
>>     bugtracker, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(SEPPUKU_COMPONENT, doc, The component inside the
>>     bugtracker, data)
>>     DEBUG: CONF including /home/moko/openembedded/conf/sanity.conf
>>     DEBUG: update_data()
>>     DEBUG: BB classes/base.bbclass: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_show_versions, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_lockdown, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_lockdown, recrdeptask, do_show_versions, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_listtasks, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_clean, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_clean, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_rebuild, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_rebuild, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_mrproper, dirs, ${TOPDIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_mrproper, nostamp, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetch, dirs, ${DL_DIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetch, depends, shasum-native:do_populate_staging,
>>     data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_fetchall, recrdeptask, do_fetch, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_buildall, recrdeptask, do_build, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_unpack, dirs, ${WORKDIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_configure, dirs, ${S} ${B}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_configure, deptask, do_populate_staging, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_compile, dirs, ${S} ${B}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_populate_staging, dirs,
>>     ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}/${layout_bindir}
>>     ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}/${layout_libdir}
>>     ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}/${layout_includedir}
>>     ${STAGING_INCDIR_NATIVE}                            
>>     ${STAGING_DATADIR}                              ${S} ${B}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_install, dirs, ${D} ${S} ${B}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_install, cleandirs, ${D}, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_build, func, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(MACHINE, unexport, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(TARGET_ARCH, unexport, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(DISTRO, unexport, 1, data)
>>     DEBUG: BB :0: inheriting classes/patch.bbclass
>>     DEBUG: BB classes/patch.bbclass: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(do_patch, dirs, ${WORKDIR}, data)
>>     DEBUG: BB :0: inheriting classes/siteinfo.bbclass
>>     DEBUG: BB classes/siteinfo.bbclass: handle(data, include)
>>     DEBUG: setVarFlag(MIRRORS, func, 0, data)
>>     DEBUG: BB classes/dev_shell.bbclass: handle(data, include)
>>     ERROR: Unable to open conf/bitbake.conf
>>     make: *** [openmoko-asu-image] Erreur 1
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