Neil Caldwell wrote:
>as far as i know (new to e17) every program can have its own .edj
>(theme) file and OMView is one that does.

It's correct every application can have its own theme, but omview does
(or did) not. It would use the default ewl theme in
"/usr/share/ewl/themes/e17.edj" (ewl and etk are both toolkits using
the efl). As that was the native gold theme it would look bad. So I
created a simple incomplete theme to mimic illume, which was to be
placed instead of the default theme.

But looking at the downloads most people missed the theme. So in new
releases (r27) I included a stripped down ewl theme file which is
installed in /usr/share/ewl/themes/ewl_om.edj.
When the program gets started with "--ewl-theme ewl_om" like in the
desktop file it will use that theme.

So for omview simply download the newest version (see wiki). For other
applications check where they get their themes from (search for *.edj)
and then edit those themes, upload them to the wiki or get them
included in the default packages.

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