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> [...]
> You should report the confusion to the bitbake developers, not to the
> openmoko community.
> https://lists.berlios.de/mailman/listinfo/bitbake-dev

Come on Rod! this was only a gentle way to say i have some doubts about the
opinion of a such guru as you :)
Let's try to help Harald instead!

I finally got bitbake to compile navit_cvs editing
openembedded/packages/navit/navit_cvs.bb and commenting the line
DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" as it seems a way to block a bb recipie ala gentoo

Howewer note that in the file openembedded/conf/distro/include
preferred-om-2008-versions.inc you have PREFERRED_VERSION_navit ?= "0.0.3",
this will be ignored if in your git tree there is no navit 0.0.3 recipie (as
in my case) and cvs version will be automatically selected.
If in your tree there is a 0.0.3 recipie, you cannot put in local.conf
PREFERRED_VERSION_navit ?= "cvs", as this will be not recognized so 0.0.3
will be selected. I do not know if there is a special "string" to indicate
to use cvs/svn string, for this you should really ask to bb developers.
Actually the weirdness is that you have to comment all PREFERRED_VERSION you
have in your .conf files :)


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