Alessandro De Noia wrote:
> Hello,
> I've received my Neo FreeRunner three days ago, and I have a curious
> problem with two 128 Vodafone sims.
> The first and oldest sim (I bought it one year ago) works well with
> OM2008.08, the second sim (I bought it yesterday) doesn't quite work!
> I type the PIN code and the result of SIM verifying is: "sim is missing"
> (but it works in other phone)!
> Any suggesting?
> Thanks
> Alex
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mmh.... usually, we would suggest to change a new SIM card with your
network provider. You can bring both SIM cards to the store, since you
said the oldest one can work well in OM2008.08.

also, you can use 'logread' to check what CME error code you got. Open a
terminal, then type 'logread'. it would display qtopia log information.


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