Jim Morris wrote:
> Dareus wrote:
>> I had to configure the deamon and it worked well in the end.
>> I was thinking if you could add the option to write a gpx track using
>> gpxlogger or cgpxlogger. That would be very useful in various use cases
>> (http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GPS_applications).

I was thinking of kml support too so that your track and way points can 
be loaded in Google Earth. KML files are pretty easy to generate. But I 
don't think this kind of format conversion have a place in a GUI app. 
The GUI app could OTOH call some external process to do the conversion.

> There are plans to add more features to this app, either by me or another 
> person who has cloned the
> tree, he will be working on it in a few weeks I think.

If you talk about me I will certainly do but I don't have the time right 

> Adding tracks is definitely something he is planning to do.

I stumbled across this:

It could be a good idea to just use that instead of borowing TangoGPS 
code for openstreetmap support.


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