Dne Saturday 13 of September 2008 22:47:38 Abdelrazak Younes napsal(a):

> I was thinking of kml support too so that your track and way points can
> be loaded in Google Earth. KML files are pretty easy to generate. But I
> don't think this kind of format conversion have a place in a GUI app.
> The GUI app could OTOH call some external process to do the conversion.
> > There are plans to add more features to this app, either by me or another
> > person who has cloned the tree, he will be working on it in a few weeks I
> > think.

Concerning tracking format I thought that basic file format shoud be storage 
effective binary format. I would prefer standardized one but I don't know 
which one yet. Then conversion scripts to any other format can be easily 
written or gpsbable can be utilized. There could be designed even abstact 
inteface for loggers/output devices now but it can be implemented by 
different file format handlers lately.

> If you talk about me I will certainly do but I don't have the time right
> now...

I'm quite sure that that person is me because I post Moris my proposals 

> > Adding tracks is definitely something he is planning to do.

That's true. I've been on a trip with my Neo recently and I reveal many 
usefull features which can be implemented and which no available GPS 
application for Neo has for now. I'll sumarize them somewhere soon and then 
I'll start to implement them sequentially.

> I stumbled across this:
> http://www.medieninf.de/qmapcontrol/
> It could be a good idea to just use that instead of borowing TangoGPS
> code for openstreetmap support.

I'll investigate that possibility closely too but I'm quite sceptic about this 
project clearness and design effectivness. SlippyMap tile download and 
display is quite easy to implement so I think it can be done from scratch (or 
extracted from TangoGPS). Only difficulties would be dealing with multiple 
threads. I've already written Python script for maps pre-download for 
TangoGPS similar to gpsfetchmap.pl (it is not publicly available yet) and 
there is nothing complicated about that.

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