On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 12:07:52PM +0200, Neil Jerram wrote:
> Hello everyone, this is my first openmoko email, so please be gentle!
> It seems clear to me that the so-called "predictive" keyboard is not
> actually predictive at all; it is actually "fuzzy", in terms of how it
> maps your stylus or finger position to a set of possible intended
> letters.
> In particular, surely this text in the wiki -
> "The word recognition will try to guess the next inputs and displays
> the word it thinks you want to write."
> - is just nonsense, isn't it?  I've never seen it guess at any letters
> beyond those that I've already pressed.
> I'm ready to register and update the wiki to say something closer to
> reality - but I just want to check first that I'm not missing or
> misunderstanding something.

I actually think of it as "restrictive" instead of "predictive" because
it only allows me to write what it thinks I want, and should give up as
soon as it couldn't match a word.

Having to wait 2s per letter for it to write what I want instead of what
it thinks I want sucks :)


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