I don't have multiple devices which support DFU, but I'd love to add 
support for this in my utility, so can you give me some advice on how 
this might work?
 - is there a way to list attached devices which are DFU-capable?
 - how are these hex codes obtained?
 - since you have them hardcoded, I assume they're an identifier code 
which is the same for all FR's and all 1973s (i.e the code identifies 
the type of device)?
 - is the hex code an argument you always need to pass if you're 
flashing a 1973 (i.e if you only have 1 device attached and it's a 1973, 
do you still need to give it the hex code or does it detect the 1973 and 
flash it without the hex code)?

One thought which might be the easiest method is to implement it as an 
item in the 'setup' menu which allows you to choose between a freerunner 
and a 1973 and provides the appropriate hex code. but it would be nice 
if I could detect that you have 2 devices attached and show an 'which 
device do you want to flash?' screen with a list of detected devices. 
this way if you only have one device attached it doesn't matter whether 
it's a 1973 or a freerunner.

I am planning on adding command line support for my script, which should 
make you happy. I may 'borrow' some of your code to implement this ;)

I will also add a 'flashing u-boot on a 1973 may give you a paperweight' 
warning to my tool.

I should probably also change all references to 'freerunner' in my 
script to say 'neo'.

as for the 'only have 30 seconds' thing, this is why I have the 'now is 
the time to turn on your device and activate the nand/nor menu' screen - 
the idea is that you select your desired flashing option, then get into 
the nand/nor menu on your device, then press OK and it starts. this is 
also why I included the ability to flash multiple images at once - so 
that for example you can flash rootfs and kernel without having the 
thing power off while you're typing the second command [I also type 
quicker than I click, but I don't do either particularly quickly ;) ]

Shawn "prjktdtnt" Thompson wrote:
> Minh,
>     I am aware of Dale's work but if you have multiple devices that 
> support DFU then the gui will error out. I have seen the UI and it does 
> look very promising. I may stop using my script and go back to Dale's 
> gui when it supports the ability to select a specific device. I am kind 
> of a CLI enthusiast because I type much faster than I can click, which 
> is good when you've only got 30 seconds to issue a command.
>     Thanks for the suggestion, I will add the link now.
> -Shawn
> Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>> Shawn: are you aware of Dale's work ?
>> May I suggest also a link to the script's page from:
>> Minh
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