William Kenworthy wrote:
> Thanks.  I also found you can run the daemon in verbose mode on the
> command line.  Doesnt appear to be asking to register.  I dont have a
> pin set, so have just set it in my Treo to see if that is the problem.
> BillK
> On Tue, 2008-09-16 at 10:51 +0100, Al Johnson wrote:
>> On Tuesday 16 September 2008, W.Kenworthy wrote:
>>> I am having a problem registering anything ASU/FSO based with the
>>> Australian Vodafone GSM network.  Its not the SIM card but ASU/FSO as
>>> 2007.2 works fine.  I also believe that other Aussies are having the
>>> same problem.
>>> I found some pages describing how to manually talk to the GSM chip, but
>>> they are 2007 based and dont work for me.  Is there anything on how to
>>> talk to the GSM chip (mimicom?) on the wiki?
>> mickeyterm in FSO gives you a connection to the GSM chip to run AT commands.
>>> Are the connect commands built into the GSM daemon, or in a config file
>>> somewhere they can be checked/modded?
>>> BillK

You still can use 'cu', 'socat' or 'minicom' to connect to GSM modem 
directly. If you use '2007.02', you can read gsmd log. If you use 
'2008.08', use 'logread' to see the log information from GSM modem. 
Check what CME or CMS error code you have.



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