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> Am 13.09.2008 um 01:29 schrieb Joel Newkirk:

>> automatically switching things around.  I wrote a shell script to
>> let me
>> choose (manually) among the various configurations more easily -
>> when asked
>> to go to 'power-providing' host mode, it checks for 5V presence on
>> the USB
>> port and refuses to send out 5V while it is so.  I expect similar
>> functionality will appear soon in the form of an applet.  (context
>> menu
>> from the USB tray icon, perhaps?)
> i was planning such an applet .. is your script somewhere available?
> ciao, morlac

Very sorry, somehow I'd overlooked this post.  (and somehow I found it)
 The script as it stands is attached.  It was lost to an SD corruption (I
was keeping /usr/local mapped to the card, and keeping mapfiles and
temporary storage of things I was working on there) so I've been recreating


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