Am Sonntag, den 14.09.2008, 23:44 -0400 schrieb Brock:
> When playing with some screen-drawing applications, including Xournal,
> Gournal, and even Gimp, I noticed that I could draw long complex lines
> but that they don't appear until I lift the stylus.
> After some tinkering, I see that the lines are immediately drawn, or in
> other words the data immediately given to the app, when frameworkd is
> stopped.
> Anyone know why that is?

the lack of answers probably means that nobody knows. Think of it as an
incentive to find it out and tell us about it :). And if you can not,
feel free to file a bug against the fso-frameworkd package via
http://bugs.debian.org/ so that this is not forgotten.

(I haven’t checked it myself, but I remember that pypennotes worked
fine. Can you check with that program?)

(And do you have the unmodified X server, or the one with the right
click patch?)


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