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        When i ordered the phone the reseller said on the website that
        the phone
        isn't useable for daily use and is only for enthusiasts. And this
        information was everywhere in the net even at july when i
        ordered my
        phone. So don't say you didn't noticed this when you ordered
        your phone.
        Or did you just click-buy without researching anything about
        the things
        you want to buy? ;)

    See: and

    They have updated the website, raised the FR's price (because they
    didn't figure out octroi earlier?) but still no mention of it not
    being usable for daily use.  In fact, when I bought it, they had a
    30 day return policy, which I did not invoke, considering I should
    support the effort and trust Openmoko to deliver.  Now they seem
    to have removed the return policy.

And by the way, what do Openmoko have to say about the FR?

The only (implied) warning one could have come across in the early days of the launch was the *Community Portal*, which is the wiki, saying that this was a developer release of the FR. So how many phone purchase decisions are made on the basis of a *community portal's* hint, when the corporate and reseller websites do not point out that it is an experimental device at all?

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I fail to see the purpose of this argument. With the right level of enthusiasm, a little configuration and remembering to plug it in when you're not there to manually suspend it, the phone works as a phone with 2008.8 just fine. I use mine every day and since receiving it have not turned on my old phone, not even once!

Before I get flamed though I will state I am an avid Linux user. I am comfortable with command line or GUI, and actually tend to prefer the CLI. For those who are very new to Linux or are still scared of the command line might I suggest studying and becoming comfortable with CLI first for now since, until the software has been stabilized further, these complains will continue to exist.

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