Christian Adams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> the next version is already on it's way to sebastian to package
> a little gui-update here and there, some notifications (if python- 
> pynotify and notification-mananger(-xfce) installed) and a thumb- 
> friendly way to change lcd-brightness
> what i will add next would be a configfile where you can toggle which  
> hw-icons you like to get displayed and which not
> other suggestions what you (the users) want could be placed on this  
> list .. :)

I have sent by accident a mail to Sebastian Ohl instead of here about
a review of this plugin.  I'll try to say all I have sayed.

This plugin is great, I use it with xfce4-panel and matchbox (not
XFCE) in user mode.

 - the battery part seems to depend of a, which is not in
   the debian package, so I don't now where it came from.
 - The debian package do not have enough dependencies, at least
   python-gtk is needed.
 - the usb applet suppose that pushing the button always succeed, which
   is not the case. For example, in user mode, the plugin is not allowed
   to charge module or change the usb mode.
 - the panel plugin became unusable after a fso-frameworkd restart.

usability problems:
 - some part of the plugin is not usable in user mode, for example the
   new usb applet.
 - the plugin is composed of too much icons.
 - toggling mode of wifi, gsm and gps is too easy and can be done by

Proposed features:
 - cobine the status icons into an unique icon (wifi, gps, bt, gsm
   on/off, maybe usb).  When pushing this icon, a window appear that
   propose to change the different options (module on/off, usb mode, usb
 - use a real bar for batterie status instead of lots of icons.
 - use a bar for gsm instead of a "4 circle bar".
 - print GSM network in the GSM icon instead of the red bars (maybe
   not a good idea since the name can be long).
 - provide a matchbox-keyboard-toggle compatible with the applet, or
   give an option to use the AUX button to toggle the keyboard directly
   into the panel plugin.

Guillaume Pinot

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