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> Apparently some people need to do iwconfig eth0 power off to even get an 
> association.

This command toggle off power management.  From my experience, this is
not a FR bug, but an AP bug : some AP do not work good with power
managed client.

On my lab, at the university and in my LUG, the wifi work without
swiching off the power management.  But at home, I need to toggling
off power management. With power management, it is difficult to have
an IP by DHCP, and pinging the router make between 70-80% of lost
packets. My Nintendo DS do not work with this router too.

I experiment wifi problem when loosing link, that can only be fixed by
a reboot.  It is not great when roaming...

(tested on Debian with FSOm2 and m3 kernels)

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