I have installed Debian on my SD card already ten times or so. It's
working alright for some time, but after a few days (i.e. after about
5-6 reboots) the system refuses to come up again. I usually run qtopia
From my flash card most of the time and switch to Debian once or twice
a day. At least I whish to.

I installed Debian with a vfat boot partition using the
SD_PART1_FS=vfat option.

Error messages differ from time to time. As far as I can remember, I
had a "root file system not found" the last time with a following
kernel panic. This time the message says:

| Unable to use mmc 1:1 for fatload
| Wrong Image format for bootm command
| ERROR: Can't get kernel image

After a second the boot manager appears again.

What, the heck, can be the problem? Why does it work at first and what
could have corrupted the system subsequently?

Thanks for help


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