Kelvie Wong wrote:
> Hello Erin,
> On Thursday, September 18, 2008 03:50:36 Erin Yueh wrote:
>> also, i will discuss with Holger to see whether we can change Qt lib to
>> '/usr/lib', instead of '/opt/Qtopia/lib'.
> That's great; though it doesn't solve the problem of actually building 
> against 
> Qtopia using OE -- it will have to go in the staging area for that to happen 
> (and perhaps there needs to be a bbclass for it?)
> There are also issues with QMessageBox's using the X11 version of Qt, do you 
> see this as well?  I can't seem to get a modal QMessageBox to show up (via 
> the 
> static functions similar to QMessageBox::warning())
> Regards,
Hi Kelvie,

After discussed with few co-workers, we think that we should separate 
Qtopia Qt lib and Qt4 Qt lib and let them store at different places. 
When we would run qt applications, we can use
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to set qt lib. Currently, I use 'env' before running my AP.

About QMessageBox, I can run it correctly before I re-installing all qt 
related packages. But now, it wont show up and crash my AP. Now, I only 
install libQtCore, libQtGui, libQtNetwork, libQtWebKit, python-sip and 
python-pyqt. I guess I need to install more related Qt4 lib packages.


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