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> With it being open I would have loved to have seen them modularize the 
> entirety of it (including top/bottom bars. Maybe I want to move the menu 
> to the bottom and remove the triple-box all-together? I'd like to see 
> how to remove the bottom bar and use the extra space for everyday uses.

personally i think more work should just go into good well structured code that
has all the things done right instead of pointless "must follow the design
pixel-perfect" to and fro's. make sure everything is done/.modularised right
(and that doesnt in e's case mean make everything a package - e is not
package-drive. it's config and module driven).

> Also illume-config doesn't allow me to set terminal keyboard as the 
> default for texts so if the keyboard crashes (I'm using FDOM which is 
> modified 2008.X) then it goes back to default instead of terminal.

keyboard crashes? if keyboard crashes in illume.. that means e crashes...

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