Al Johnson wrote:
> On Thursday 25 September 2008, W.Kenworthy wrote:
>> I installed the kobodeluxe game for the kid, but we cant figure out how
>> to exit it :(
>> Even if you go through 5 new lives and get the menu, hitting quit with a
>> stylus just takes you back into the game.  Ended up removing the
>> battery.
>> How?
> IIRC tap at the top of the screen moves menu selection up, tapping at the 
> bottom moves it down and tapping in the middle accepts the current menu item. 
> If you try to treat it as a point-and-click app by  tapping Quit you end up 
> accepting new game instead. Took me a while to work that one out, usually 
> after accidentally starting it when I was trying to scroll through the 
> Applications menu!

Yeah. the four corners of the screen and then the centre of the screen 
are 5 different "buttons"
trial and error mens you eventually work out which is which :)

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