The other day I was pondering all the things the community does for us.
They give us new ideas, test our product and give us honest feedback,
keep us true to our commitment for openness ( the idea to release the 
CAD files came from the community, help us market the product, and they
fix bugs.

Recently I was reviewing the goals for 2008.10, and I wondered what else
is on the list of things that need fixing. SO I asked the testing team 
to give me a list of bugs that didnt make the 2008.10 list.

My idea. throw these out to community and see if folks would pick a bug
and try to fix it, actually sign up to try to fix it, so we get a 
coordinated effort. Sean liked the idea and I thought it was worth a try.

Here is the list of Bugs, look through the list and if your moved to
action just respond with a mail to the list:
Subject line: I got bug #1234.

And more than one person can work a bug.

1. 1442  : [Qtopia-Dialer] Dialing through the headset does not working 

2. 1460  : [Qtopia-Dialer] number is cut if number is too long on call 
detail screen((

3. 1483  : [Qtopia-Clock] The map shows black shadow short second when 
click country (

4. 1490 : [Qtopia-Dialer] Join and Split function do not working during 
connecting third party call (

5. 1493 : [system software] when press power button makes some noise 
during suspend time(

6. 1499 :  [Qtopia-Message] there is function to delete default template 
after create new template [ttps://

7. 1507  : [Qtopia-Message] Messages total number does not appear 
immediately when enter Messages Main screen 

8. 1509  : [Qtopia-Message] Selected all of messages do not unselected 
after press back button(

9. 1516 : [Qtopia-Message]It does not go back to Messages history tab 
from detail screen when press back button 

10. 1524 : [Installer ] unable to uninstall kobodeluxe package through 
assassin (

11. 1532  : [Qtopia-Clock] time and country displayed outside of screen 
on world map (

12. 1547  :[ Qtopia-Message]  Option menu is ugly when create new 
message (

13. 1563  : [E-illume]  unable to change 12hour time 

14. 1573  : [Qtopia-Email]  Remove E-mail 

15. 1604  : [Qtopia-Dialer] keypad will shows black bit if press "*" 
button 3 times quickly (

16. 1621  : [System software]Occur white screen end of suspend, it 
happen only specific phone  (

17. 1630  : [Qtopia-Dialer]"holding attempt Failed" Alert message and 
unable to hold function with prepaid SIM 

18. 1652  : [QT-Contact]add group members functionality is busted 

19. 1736  : [Boot screen] it goes to sleep during Booting and never wake 
up (

20. 1795  : [Qtopia-keyboard] missing keys 

21. 1887  : [Qtopia-call screen] incoming call screen overlap with 
calendar (

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