I've been trying to get FSO D-bus api working on the OM-testing 
distribution (from http://downloads.openmoko.org/daily/)

The zhone package available in testing installs fine and D-bus seems to 
work. I can query with mickeydbus and I can see incoming events when I 
call the phone.

The Neo vibrates, but Zhone doesn't react. I can also use Zhone to call 
another phone. The other phone rings and Zhone detects that it has been 
answered, but that's about it. No sound and Zhone doesn't detect when I 

Zhone says "No dbus", but cleary it can do something with the D-bus. As 
registering on the GSM network and make call.

Also strange: frameworkd seems to consume a lot of CPU. (around 80%).

What is needed to get a basic FSO framework to run on testing?


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