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>Joel Newkirk wrote:
>> A desktop charger for a Nokia BL-5c or BL-6c battery will do the
>> job, at least the two non-Nokia ones I've tried.  I've done it a few
>> times.  I've never let it sit on the charger until full, so I don't
>> know if the charger can recognize full charge on the FreeRunner
>> battery or not, but left on the charger for 15-20 minutes it will
>> boot the FreeRunner. 
>Very useful to know, thank you. I am anxiously waiting for my FR to
>I wonder about something: does a FR come with charged batteries?? One 
>would expect so, otherwise it can never be started/used.
>Am I correct in this?

yes. i got fr plus the spares kit (two extra batteries (very handy
btw)) and all came charged up.

Petr Vaněk

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