2008/10/21 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> you'd probably need to port androids display system to run under x11. ie a
> android window/surface == x11 window. also emulate any other things via
> icccm/netwm etc.
> this would actually be cool. you can run any desktop you like (2007.x
> matchbox
> style, e+illume, xfce... or anything else AND run android app AND run qt
> apps
> AND run gtk apps.. AND EFL, AND java... AND C#/mono, AND...)

That sounds awesome. If this worked, and was stable, the OpenMoko phones
could become the ultimate pocket devices: more flexible than the phones
designed for (and quite possibly limited to) Android. The scope for
increasing one's productivity with such a monster is great indeed, and given
that it's this kind of potential for productivity increases that draws me to
PDAs, I'm pretty excited by the prospect.

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