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> Since i got my neo rather recently, i have only tried 4.4.1. Is 4.3 still the
> better choice? A couple of days ago i lost my daily use phone  
> (motoming A1200)
> and so i now need to use the FR as my daily phone.

I've been using ASU (OM2008.9) since the beginning as my daily and  
only phone for months now, without great problems.
It stinks for SMS texting, and it is a PITA to find a contact on the  
list (both of these are bad designs of Qtopia), but otherwise it does  
the job well.
The only big problem is a "denial-of-service" that happens because os  
resume problems... sometimes I get an SMS or some other event that  
wakes up the phone, and if I don't touch the screen, it stays awake  
until the battery dies. This is why sometimes I wake up to a dead  
phone, even though I went to bed leaving it almost fully charged. :(

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