Joerg Lippmann a écrit :
Am Mittwoch 22 Oktober 2008 schrieb Lorn Potter:
Jim Morris wrote:
Lorn Potter wrote:
Jim Morris wrote:
Cédric Berger wrote:
Just because 4.4.1 might be unstable doesn't mean qt extended will
always be that way. It just means that 4.4.1 was buggier than expected.
Oh I know it will get better, I was just disappointed it was less stable
than the previous version.
We all were. The truth is, 4.4.1 was pushed out before it was ready. But it
couldn't be helped.

Wouldn't it be great to release an intermediate version soon, in which the most severe UI-bugs are fixed (like the finger-scrolling/selection-Bug or the way-to-sensitive-keyboard where it's almost impossible to switch to special characters)? I'm quite sure it's just a matter of settings as it worked in the former version.
or the bouncing calypso and the echo fix.. It would be really nice.

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