> On Friday 07 November 2008, Bastian Feder wrote:
> > Hey!
> > since it is a one man show I think there is no public repository.
> > But the guy behind it, Marcus Bauer, is a really friendly german guy.
> >
> > Have you contact him already? this might be the best way to find out ;)
> >

Can only confirm this - but last time I managed to get in touch (around
august ) there wasn't a public repository  as the SW was still too much in a

> > A friend and myself are planning on contribute to TangoGPS.  Looking for
> > the git / svn repository we can pull the latest source from?   Does
> > anyone know if a repository for tangogps exists?  The latest on the
> > tangogps.org website is 0.9.3, release in march.

Presumably sending patches is fine - I find myself in the same situation:
the diff is becoming larger and larger, but the time and effort necessary to
port it to the next release  just doesn't seem worth cleaning it up
appropriately sometimes :-(

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