El jue, 06-11-2008 a las 15:46 -0800, Gothnet escribió:
> Well colour me impressed. I've had a play with android on the Freerunner and
> (no disrespect to the openmoko guys) it's renewed my faith that the device
> will some day be useable as a phone.
To increase a little more your believes , imagine you can have the best
of the two worlds, as Rasterman has said before is possible to have in
future(and seeing the rhythm this community works, in near future)
android+gtk+java+qt+e17 apps living peacefully together in this little
> Managed to get it running, import contacts from the SIM and make calls, with
> acceptable volume and none of the echo that the OM distros suffered from.
> There's a lot that's not working (receive calls for instance) but this looks
> really good guys. Kudos and thanks.

David Reyes Samblas Martinez
Open ultraportable solutions
Openmoko, Openpandora, GP2X the Wiz, Letux 400
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