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>On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 19:55:44 +0100, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)"
>> Christophe Badoit wrote:
>>> Andreas Wallin a écrit :
>>>> Im having problems with answer phone calls on android..
>>>> Its ringing but how to anser is the question ?
>>> Probably with the keypad that the FR doesn't have :)
>> I've suggested to Sean McNeil in his wiki talk page to use the AUX
>> button not only as a "rejecting" button, but also as a "accept"
>> button. My idea is:
>>  - Brief pressure of the AUX: "green button"
>>  - Pressure longer than 0.5 sec (enough?): "red button"
>> Could it be done easily? I figure...
>If it's only going to be one, why not 'accept'??  Worst-case I would be
>more willing to let it 'ring out' than be unable to answer...  For a
>dual-action as you proposed, I'd suggest silencing the ringer at
>'button down' of AUX, so that if you're going to hold it down .5-1 sec
>to 'reject' then the ringer will still stop right away, which I
>suspect is the main reason that most people use 'reject'.

plus, we still have the accelerators so using the same logic as has been
presented several days ago (flip upside down for silencing etc...)
could also help before anything else is available. 

Petr Vanek

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