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Giovanni wrote:
> Today I installed FDOM 20081023.
> When I open ePDFViewer, it asks for a password, saying that the 
> documented is encrypted.
> I cannot open any of my documents, because of this problem.

this is a bug I have been meaning to report for a while now.

> How to fix this?

The issue arises because I think the launching dialog launches it with 
an %s argument or something which specifies the path of the file that 
should be loaded. because it apparently can't deal with no being able to 
  find the file gracefully, it aassumes something is encrypted and asks 
for a password.

Launching from the terminal epdfviewer works fine...

fixing this *should* (in theory) be trivial, however I don't know, 
without looking exactly how to do this...


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