David Samblas wrote:
> El sáb, 08-11-2008 a las 12:38 +0100, David Samblas escribió:
>> Count with an Spanish translation in short too :)
> I want to use it in more general presentation of openmoko not FDOM
> focused, Can I make a smooth version regarding other distributions...
> you have been ummh eemmhh a little mmmmmh rough?

When I get some more free time, I'll see what I can do.

originally it was used for an event where other people were presenting 
the different distributions (and in their cases saying why it wasn't 
their main phone) so in context it didn't look so harsh on them but I do 
take your point.

At the moment (always actually) my life is really busy, and I can't see 
when I will have time, but when I will do my best :)


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