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Hi John -

| * some obsolete kernel modules still left in system

If we didn't do it already, the packaged kernels need to move to having
/lib/modules path that is specific to the kernel device and build,
similar to what the ./build script does:


The branch and hash stops any conflict about module versions, and the
device tag "GTA02" allows multiple kernels to be installed on the same
rootfs, so you can share the SD Card between GTA01 and GTA02 say, both
times with SD Card boot to the right kernel.

| * must remove 'ro' in kernel boot parameter if you use sd boot.

At the moment Qi has ro boot everywhere by default, is this restriction
just a temporary workaround for something?

| he will work on opkg internals next.  Olv moved to look into kernel
| and fso.  Erin will try bluetooth.  Julian is working on the GTK
| redraw issue, please help him out.  Jeremy will fix some qtopia bugs
| and keep working on suspend/resume issues.

Just a thought, it can be worth Olv and Jeremy bouncing what they're
planning on doing off the kernel list.  For example some advice for
Jeremy about "suspend / resume issues" would be don't waste your time
doing any suspend / resume work on 2.6.24 kernel, only on andy-tracking.

- -Andy
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