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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| Andy Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
|>  For example some advice for Jeremy about "suspend / resume issues"
|> would be don't waste your time doing any suspend / resume work on
|> 2.6.24 kernel, only on andy-tracking.
| I'm very sorry to jump in this thread. But this advice of yours is
| so much surprising! It implicitly suggests that Jeremy might be unaware of
| the fact that every sane person knows for like 2 months. Do i

"Every sane person" :-)  No a lot of people are still using 2.6.24, all
the distros are shipping it, it is in a branch called "stable", it's not
nuts if somebody tries to work on it.  But there are multiple known
issues with suspend / resume solved on 2.6.28 stuff and for sure unless
they are solved first debugging suspend resume will be exercise in
chasing one's tail.  If he already knows it then fine, but people have
been targeting stable in the last weeks for stuff that needs to be done
on 2.6.28.

| understand it right? How can it be possible at all? Everybody's so
| excited about this "Optimization team" and you say they might
| waste some time just because they don't lurk on -kernel mailing list?
| No offence meant, but that is sooo strange...

I fear I've missed your point... John Lee wrote that two folks in Taiwan
are going to be working specifically on kernel stuff...

''Olv moved to look into kernel and fso. ... Jeremy will fix some qtopia
bugs and keep working on suspend/resume issues.''

I write to suggest they might get advantage if they coordinate kernel
work on the kernel list -- at least we might not duplicate work on the
same thing and there is a pretty fair amount of knowledge about Openmoko
suspend / resume stuff on that list.

What's "sooo" strange about that?

- -Andy
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